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Filtering List Lookup from Value of other List Lookup

Question asked by nmjohns on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by nmjohns

I have two List Lookup controls, both looking to different lists. I have RootCause looking to list "RootReasons" and then SubCause looking to "SubReasons". SubReasons has a column titled ParentReasonID which identifies what item in RootReasons is the SubReasons item parent. I also have a Calculated Value named RootNumber which takes the value of RootCause(returned like 34#;REASON TEXT HERE) and uses subString to trim that down to just the two digit number(which matches the two digit number I use in field ParentReasonID). Hopefully that makes sense.


The RootCause control is working fine. I cannot get the SubCause control to bring back a filtered set of items. I'm sure I'm either setting a value incorrectly or expecting something to work in a way in which it doesn't.


The SubCause Lookup control is pointing to SubReasons as it's Source List and then for List column name I have "Reasons". In the filtering options I have it set to "By a control's value", where field = ParentReasonID, and filtered by control RootNumber.


Am I doing something wrong? am I expecting it to work in a way in which doesn't make sense?