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Loop though a list to generate an email based on a column variable

Question asked by jkweaver on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by jkweaver

I'm in need of expertise and guidance with creating a workflow that will loop though a list of data and trigger an email based on a column variable within that list.


My list has several columns of data which one of them is the Date that an associate completed and submitted the required Nintex form. I then created a column called Time Duration that basically just calculates the days from current/today's date and when the form was submitted. The email notifications I need to send will be triggered on the Time Duration info if over 12 months (or greater than 365).


So what I need is to loop though this list (our team wants this to run weekly) and generate a notification email. However, I have not built a workflow loop and this is where I am in need of guidance.


I have seem some posts that are using Web Services and some that are using multiple workflows, but those each don't quite fit what I am looking to do.