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Nintex Workflow menu missing from Central Administration in SharePoint 2013

Question asked by mh02 on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by mh02

Hello erveryone,


I just stumbled into a problem. I just download the latest release of Nintex Workflow from the community portal and put the installer on my only frontend server and ran it under the sharepoint service account. The installer ran just fine and I could deploy the solutions (all) successfully to the farm servers. But now no entries for Nintex workflow show up in central administration...


I did the

Enable-SPFeature -Identity "NintexWorkflowAdmin" -Url http://CentralAdminURL

from this post already. Without -force I get an error telling me it is already enabled. With -force it goes thorugh. In both cases no change.

Re-running the installer ... no luck. Extracting the setup und running the powershell install.ps1 ... no luck.


Is there anybody around with an idea? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Greetings from Germany,