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Sending email alerts when after 7 days have elapsed on list items

Question asked by darrenfloyd666 on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by emha

I have a Form Library for new starters. One of the InfoPath fields is Start Date. What I want to happen is that after seven days has elapsed after the input start date that the initiator gets an email to remind them.


I've set up a Caculate date action as below. dt_Today is a Date and Time variable, dt_NotificationDate is also a Date and Time variable


Calculate date


Next I have a Build String action to format the date and store it in txt_TodaysDate which is a Single line of text



Next I have Query List action. The Coll_IDs variable is a List Item ID variable



Next I have a Loop action.  The CollecetedHRDates is a collection variable, the varCurrTitle is a single line of text variable and idx is a number.




This is where I come a cropper. I've got a Collection operation Action


When I run the Workflow and look at the Workflow Progress it carries out the For Each action, but doesn't action the Collection operation and the subsequent Send Notification action.


I've set up two Log in history list actions and I'm getting results for dt_Today, dt_NotificationDate and txt_TodayDate but not Coll_IDs.

Any suggestions on why it's not executing the Collection operation and subsequently not sending the notification?