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O365 Nintex Form Attachment missing

Question asked by wtcmy_itsupport on Nov 15, 2017
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I use Nintex form to upload attachment but about 40% of the attachment was missing. Its was terrible.

On the form, I have multiple attachment control as per setting below.




When I open the previous record I save the attachment the attachment was missing.

To provide it, I use the code below to show the hidden value.





I can see the file name of my attachments.

But if I use SharePoint designer to explore the attachment. The attachment was not there.


Any suggestion while I wait from Nintex support to reply?


Update 29-Dec-17:

After 1 months of testing testing and testing... Nintext support still not able provide me a solution.


more find out.

1. Its confirm that the file was upload to Nintex server. I did check the http "post" protocol action, the missing document was uploaded from client side.


2. I guess the Nintex upload the attachment one by one under difference connection/transaction. Which cause multiple history was recorded.