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Commit changes while document is checked out

Question asked by michael_h on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by jessc

Hi everyone,

we have a document approval workflow, where we need to implement a "small" change, but I cannot find a solution that will do the trick 

First let me describe the current workflow (running on a document library):


  • All actions are nested in an action set, which runs in name of workflow publisher. The workflow publisher is a service account.
    1. One of the first actions (after calculating some variables) is the check out of the document.
    2. Then we have an update element action, which will set some fields
    3. Now the first Task is assigned to various people, waiting for approval


This is just a small part of the workflow, but enough to describe my problem:

The update element action does change information, which are included in the document (word-file) via content controls.

But when approvers open the document, they do not see the changes, made by the update element action.

I guess, the reason is, that the document was checked out before and so the current changes are only available for the one, who checked out the document (a service account in our case).


The Problem is, that approvers must see those changes in the document.


So my first idea was: I'll check in the document after update element (overwriting version) and do a check out immediately afterwards.

But when I do this, the workflow ends with an error on step 3. stating that the document needs to be checked in, to do this action.


However, in our current configuration the document is checked out the whole time whithout any errors.

So I'm a little confused what is going on in the background and how to achieve my goal.


I hope someone has an idea?

Kind regards