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SharePoint Online Throttling

Question asked by jonathankite on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by c.odegard

So I've seen various conversations around SharePoint Online throttling and I have been told various things by various Microsoft Engineers/Support Professionals regarding workflow throttling and I wanted to see if others in the community could corroborate these findings:


There is an individual task limit of 5,000 tasks per workflow instance  that is enforced

I have also however been told that there is a 5,000 workflow instance per site collection limit, and also that there is a 5,000 task per site collection limit.  Hard to tell what is what.


I have been told that 5,000 workflow requests to the azure workflow manager will put your site on a 24 hour throttle and queue >5,0000 requests that will re-initiate after the 24 hour period is over.  In general I can't seem to find any concrete guidance on overall task and or workflow instance volume on a site collection that should be taken into consideration.


More importantly I cannot seem to figure out how to become un-throttled once it occurs, with it sometimes taking days before workflow start times (i.e. they fail to start in a timely fashion) and workflow lengths (they take a long time to run once started) decrease.


Can anyone shed some wisdom?