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How to query a SharePoint list from another list in Nintex Forms for 2010

Question asked by michellepm on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by mmatsako

Looking for a simple JavaScript code to populate data from another SharePoint list in nintex form

I have two list


The main list " Leave request"

Which has following column:

Leave Details...

Personal Details :

ID number,

Name and Surname,

Email Address


Second List "Personal Details list"

Name & surname,

Id Number,



On the form, initiator has to type their ID Number and automatically the form has to populate the name & surname and Email address


How can I do that using javascript/ or anything else that can help

The form is in nintex forms

I treid searching for javaScript code but I don't seem to understand any of the codes as I am new in javascript

Appreciate any solution and help Thanks