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Nintex Workflow in Workflow Tasks List

Question asked by kani on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by kani

Hi every one,

I wonder if anybody can give me a hint.

I have the following constellation, List Master and a List Slave within the Slave List I have a Look up Element “Offer” which will look Item in the Master list. In the Slave List I create Workflow Tasks, what I’ am  trying to reach, List Master, List Slave and also the Workflow Task Item should share the Look up Item “Offer” (which is the master List Item Id) in order to have all three of them hooked together in a Web Site

I made a Nintex-Workflow that will start in the Workflow Tasks List when a document is created, unfortunately it does not work properly. The Workflow through every once in a while an exception and just quits working.

What I do is, stop the Workflow and start it again from the List Item, and it works properly and as expected.

What configuration should I make? Or does anybody has another approach to have the Master List ID in the Workflow Task?

Thank you for any hint