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SQL request result not visible or not changable

Question asked by mai-kel on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by cmikhaiel

Hi all,


I have a sql request query action within my form that gives back a number of project numbers as dropdown.

The user can choose whatever project number he wants out of that drop down list. Everything fine.




as soon as the user opens a saved entry in order to edit it, the project number is either

- empty (sql request is executed again within edit modus -> dropdownlist with all project numbers is displayed) or

- only the already selected project number is displayed (sql request is not executed within edit modus)


What I want is that the dropdownlist is available, BUT the already selected project number is still displayed (as selected).


Is there any way to solve this? I cannot imagine that I am the first one with this problem...   


Jan von Reith, Cosima von Kries