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The Salesforce formula field value won't display in merged document

Question asked by jolene.white on Nov 8, 2017

We are using this to generate legal documents.


Here is the structure of things:



 ...Point of Contact (links accounts and contacts to the case, for example 2 Defendants, both Defendants Attorneys/Law                Firms and an Insurance company with that Insurance company's claim #)

 .......Affiliation (links different points of contacts to each other, for example a Defendant1 and their Attorney1 and

                    their Insurance account)


On the Point of Contact object, there is a relationship established to the 'Affiliation' object.  One of those relationships is for Insurance.  The claim # for the Insurance is currently stored on the Point of Contact object. 


PROBLEM: When I generate a document from the Point of Contact Defendant 1 record, it pulls in Attorney 1 and the Insurance.  However, I can't get the Claim#.  I created a formula field on the Affiliation object to house the Point of Contact Claim#. I included the tag for this formula field of 'Claim #', and although a value is present on the page in Salesforce, Drawloop doesn't bring over the value.