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Wait for Item Update with matching RegEx on Choice field

Question asked by michaela on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2017 by michaela

In Nintex 2016 (v4.2.2.0), the "wait for item update" action does not allow for multiple conditions. I've read and successfully used Vadim Tabakman's approach (Nintex Workflow - Wait for Item Change) with a loop wrapped around the "wait for item update" on the Modified field, then checking the (multiple) conditions to determine whether or not to break out of the loop and progress the state machine.


Consider the example where the "Wait for" condition is:

  • myField "to equal" myValue


What if I wanted to extend this to:

  • myField "to equal" myValue OR myOtherValue


While this can be achieved using Vadim's method above, I noticed that the "wait for item update" has a "match regular expression" as an available operator. Can this be used to check for multiple values on the same field?


For example:

  • myField "to match regular expression" (myValue|myOtherValue)


However, the issue I'm facing is that myField is a choice field and while I'm allowed to change the operator to "match regular expression", I'm not permitted to enter a regular expression since the choice values are shown instead:


Is this a bug, limitation, or am I doing something wrong?