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Nintex Forms 2016 Validation Rules on Control

Question asked by kkittinger on Nov 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by kkittinger

We are currently running Nintex Forms 2016 on the most current release and have notice that when we try to add validation to controls on the form through rules non of them work.  Is something broken with validation rules? Formatting with the same rules below works just not validation.


Have done multiple of these:

Textbox Contrl: isNullorEmpty({Self}) , {Self} == ""

Yes/No Control: isNullorEmpty({Self}) , {Self} == "", {Self} == "true", {Self} == "false", equals({Self}, "true"), equals({Self}, "false")

Choice Control: isNullorEmpty({Self}) , {Self} == "", {Self} == "<One of our Options>", equals({Self}, "<one of our options>") 


Would love to have some insight into this as we have many things we want to do validation to with out having to do it through JavaScript.