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Why is my Workflow is sending 8 to 15 emails

Question asked by rogelio.tan on Nov 5, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2017 by rhia

Hi Everyone,


I have this workflow that has been running fine. But starting last week every time that it will run it will send around 8 to 15 emails to each of the recipients. My "Send an Email" action is not on a loop so it will only be triggered once. Also for the recipients the "To" field has a single AD group. While for my BCC field I have a sharepoint group that has around 300 members.


When I test it to only send email to me. It only sends 1 email, but when I put the AD group to the "To" field and the sharepoint group to the "BCC" field it sends multiple data.


Thank you in advance.