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Using the Create Item in Another Site Action across web applications

Question asked by r_salas on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2018 by mahendrent

In SharePoint 2010 this was not a problem; but now that we're migrating to SharePoint 2016, we are having problems reconfiguring the Create Item in another site action in Nintex workflows. We need to create items in another site in a separate web application/site collection (like we currently do in 2010). Was this feature deprecated in 2016?

The error we get is:

"cannot access site at [url to other site]"   -- to elaborate, we get this after entering the url of the site (in other web app) and hitting the "refresh list" button.


What are we missing?


SharePoint Server 2016 (on prem) v: 16.0.4471.1000

2 WFE server + dist cache,

2 App server + search,

1 sql server (clustered)

Nintex WF version:


Thank you!