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Cannot view site workflow inventory.

Question asked by calmaguer on Nov 2, 2017

I am owner of a Sharepoint site with around 20 workflows running on a particular list.  Yesterday I had an issue reaching the workflow inventory (/NintexWorkflow/WorkflowGallery.aspx).  It would hang and then give me an error "Sorry, something went wrong - an unexpected error has occurred" (real helpful, Microsoft).


I tried reaching the Workflow inventory a few different ways, none worked yesterday: 


  1. The list tab>Workflow Settings>Manage Workflows with Nintex workflows
  2. The site settings >Workflow inventory
  3. The gear>Nintex Workflow 2013>Manage workflow inventory


TODAY, #1 is working, so I can see/edit my LIST workflows, but #2 and #3 are not working (just hangs and then error), so I can't see/edit my SITE workflows at all.


Site workflows are still running and operating.


Side note, and I hope this isn't related, but if I go to site settings>scheduled workflows I get an immediate error:


Sorry, something went wrong
Unknown server tag 'SharePoint:ClusteredDirectionalSeparatorArrow'.
I do not have admin on this farm, but I am in contact with those who do.  Just wondering if I can point them in the right direction.