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Reset dropdown controls by changin options in nintex 365.

Question asked by walter9000 on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by bimi82

Hello Team,

I am trying to reset a dropdown control based in a checkbox, I would like you to check my code and give me some feedbacks, I have done something similar in Nintex on-premisses but this solution is not working for nintex form 365...


Here is the script that I am using:


NWF$(document).ready(function(){ var obj = NWF$("#" +Driverc); obj.change(function(){NWF$("#" + Transporttoc).val('');} );} );


The checkbox driver appear if the option "From Airport to Hotel" is selected in the dropdown, otherwise desappear.

Now what I need is: If checkbox has been selected and then the user realized that is not necesary and uncheck it, then reset the dropdown.


Thanks in advance