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Can not Check Out List item

Question asked by davidjohnson5000 on Nov 1, 2017
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I have a WF where the purpose is to check for any items left checked out at the end of the day and then via the WF check in the item and also update a field called "Last Edit" with the initials of the person who has the item checked out..Unfortunately, I receive errors when the WF gets to the "Update Item" portion of the WF.  The WF looks like the below


Query List

For Each (Loop for items checked out in the list)

Collection Operation

Check In

Pause (2 minutes)

Check Out

Update Item

Check In


When I review the error the Update Item is colored in yellow - all parts of the Workflow above are in green except the For Each (For Each and Update Item are in yellow).  The error displayed is:


The item is locked for editing.  Wait for the item to be checked in.

The WF could not check out the list item.  Make sure it is not already checked out.


Note I only get the error if there is more than one list item that needs to be checked in.  If only 1 item needs to be checked in it runs fine. Any suggestions.