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Why is the Web Service Response Content Collection is Storing Each Character as an Item?

Question asked by jesse.mchargue Champion on Nov 2, 2017
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Hello All - 


I am working on a process where I am making multiple web service calls and pulling out bits of data to pass along to the next web service call. We can do this within Nintex Workflow for Office 365, but want to explore the possibilities using NWC.


When I call the web service, my Response content Collection variable does contain data (JSON), but for some reason it is storing each character as an item in the collection


Here is my workflow and actions (just focusing on the first call):

Web ServiceCount itemsSend Email



Response Code: 200
Response Content: {"result":{"credentials":{"database":"xxxxxxxxxxxxx","sessionId":"4733467139606425463","userName":""},"path":"ThisServer","securityToken":{"database":"xxxxxxxxxxxxx","sessionId":"4733467139606425463","userName":""}},"jsonrpc":"2.0"}
Collection Count: 278


Check on Collection character count:


Within Nintex Workflow for O365, I would simply put the response in a dictionary and be able to target the sessionId like so:


...but that does not exist within NWC, or at least I am unaware.


My question is two parts:

1. How would I go about parsing this data so that I can get something out of it (specifically sessionId)?

2. Why is the collection storing it as individual characters? It is coming back as JSON (response header: "content-type"=>["application/json; charset=utf-8"], )



Thanks in advance.