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How to assign a task to a Group in "People and Groups"?

Question asked by kpatterson on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by kpatterson

I’m new to SharePoint Online and Nintex Workflows, but am working on building a workflow for travel approvals and authorizations.

In essence, the Traveler should be able to submit a travel request/item within a List, and from there the request is then routed to a line of approvers.

I have most of the workflow built out, but am running into issues with assigning tasks to the next approver in line as most of them exist in a specific “Group” (housed within the site’s “People and Groups”) and not within a List or the “Current Item” itself.

Is there a way to “Assign a Task” to a “Group” within the SharePoint site’s “People and Groups”?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!