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Send one notification with several list items

Question asked by viktorsvelic on Oct 20, 2014
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Dear Community,


I created a document libary with a Nintex Workflow 2013, which sends an e-mail notification to a defined group of people, when a document is uploaded. It´s kind of a Newsportal with important documents which get uploaded (not modified) continously.

To get to my problem, the users are asking for a workflow which summarizes the uploads from 1 week. The weekly e-mail should contain the hyperlinks of the documents uploaded between today and today - 7 days.


My first thought was to build up a structure like this:

Create on Siteworkflow which runs weekly. Query the libary for items created in the last seven days, collect their id and names. Transfere them somehow to a multiple field and integrate it in the send e-mail notification action.


To sum it up, i have two questions:


1) How is it possible to create a date with "today-7days" (calculate date action just calculates dates in the future not in the past)?

2) How can i transfere the single hyperlinks into a multiple text field?


thx for your help


best regards Viktor