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Look up List for Cascading Drop-Down loses binding to SP List

Question asked by markd on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by emha

Developing a SP2013 list solution and using Nintex 2013 Form
Needed to create a Cascading Drop-down and built using 2 additional SP Lists for Choice 1 and 2.

  1. In my entry form, I created the 2 selection/input fields using the List Lookup control, following instructions as outlined numerous times in Nintex blogs.
  2. The 2 fields are bound to the SP list fields using the "Text Connected To" option
  3. All is working as designed, but I've run into 2 not-insignificant problems:
  4. Problem #1 
    •  The 2 List Lookup fields where the data is selected and then bound to the SP list, is used (enabled and visible) for initial data entry and intended for the New Mode function only
    • Those same fields are intended to also be "visible" for Edit and Display modes, but not editable. (so that the initial data entry is protected from future edits.
    • When I set the Appearance control Enabled to No or use an Expression such as "Is New Mode", and then open the form in Edit Mode the previously entered (and bound) values are no longer visible. When I Save the item while in the Edit Mode, the data is then unbound or deleted from the List.
    • The same action occurs if I use the Form Rules for Disabled and use an expression such as "not(Is New Mode)"
  5. Problem #2
    • When the 2 List Lookup fields are Enabled in the Appearance control option (so that I can at least view the intended cascading drop-down results), when they are viewed in the Display Mode, the values are shown as hyperlinks to their respective SPS lists that were built to contain the field 1 and 2 choices.
  6. Since this appears to be the most efficient means to create a Cascading Drop-down which is essential for this solution, this is obviously creating a big problem and I am on a tight deadline. (of course )

Thank you in advance to anyone who has a solution