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Pending vs Not Started

Question asked by davidjohnson5000 on Oct 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by davidjohnson5000

I have a Flexi Task where it is assigned to 10 people.  If 1 of the 10 approve the other 9 do not need to approve and it moves to the next part of the Workflow. 


Everything has been working fine, but I noticed an odd result on a recent event. The flexi task shows it is in a Not Started status for all 10.  However, one of the individuals also has a Pending status assigned to her.  How is this possible. 


When I review the Workflow History there are actually 11 Workflow ID's.  Again for some reason an individual has 2 WF Task ID's a Pending and Not Started.


Any ideas ?