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Compare the same field in two lists

Question asked by philip.maw on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by karmaq

How do I Identify the differences between two similar columns across two lists? Seems simple however having searched long and hard for the answer and having tried several offered solutions I cannot get this to work !   


Below is my latest attempt where I have used a collection operation and  "Remove by value".  I haven't seen this approached in this way however using the  more common filtered list approach just wouldn't work for me ( Need help using collection operation to compare two seperate lists ).


Site Workflow:

1) Query Employee List and create Collection Variable "Collection List B"

2) Pass "Collection List B" to a "For Each"  - Variable "Text B"

3) Query the competency list  and  create Collection Variable "Collection List A"

4) Remove "Text B"  from "Collection List A" in a collection operation ( Remove by Value)

5)Pass "Collection List A" to a For Each - Variable "Leavers"

6) Update "Business Leaver" field to Yes in List A If employee = Leaver.