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How can I retrieve the comments of a Request Review task?

Question asked by willcipriani on Oct 27, 2017
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I'm working with state machine and flexi tasks.


The state machine looks like this:

State A: First Level of approval

State B: Second Level of approval

State C: Review the initial request


In the state A, the first level approver can approve, reject or request a review. If the approver's outcome is to request a review, the state machine will kick it to the state C, which has a Request Review action for the initiator. After reviewing the request and maybe correcting some mistakes, the initiator will kick it back to state A for the first level approver.

It is ok so far, but I would like to send the comments of the Request Review action for the first level approver when kicking it back to state A.


Any ideas on how to that?



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William C.