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Custom Form linked to a workflow task loses Percentage % format

Question asked by carl.taute on Oct 27, 2017

Good day, I'm struggling to understand this

Nintex Forms & Workflow version 2013



1) created a SharePoint list column of type number, and specified the option to "display as %"


2) populated field with 120. It correctly displays as "120%"


3) created a Nintex form and customized as required. the column displays correctly - still shows as 120%


4) created a workflow which contains a flexitask. Left the associated task form as default. the task displays the field correctly - still shows as 120% - see attachment 1


5) I then cutomize the task's form using Nintex. Immediately this changes the format of the field,

which now displays as 1.2. See attachment 2



I believe this is a bug, but is there perhaps some way that someone has come across this or has a fix?

Note: I am aware there are custom displays for strings, however, I do not believe I should be needing to do this. The field displays perfectly until step 5. Customizing the display on the task field when the parent field displays correctly is a "band aid" solution