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Scheduling a site workflow ends unexpectedly with "Failed to start" error

Question asked by nirmala on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by burked

I’ve a site workflow with just one action (Email notification). The workflow works perfectly fine if I start it manually, but adding a schedule to execute the same workflow is not working. In the first instance i receive an email saying that the workflow failed to start and immediately i receive the actual email as a response to successful execution of the workflow.


I have checked the workflow schedule, the 'Last Run' value still says 'Not Run' and the 'Next Run' value hasn't been changed at all.

I have checked the "Nintex Workflow Scheduler" Timer job and have used NWAdmin to enable it to run against the web application. I have cross checked whether if i have more than one "Nintex Workflow Scheduler" jobs, but no i only have one.


I have run out of all options.


Very much appreciate any help with this?