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Flexi Task Reminder Question

Question asked by opurnerly on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by cazza162

I have setup a Nintex Workflow which assign a bunch of some Flexi Tasks to some people. Every Flexi Task have a specific Due Date. Now i would like to remind the persons, how have not completed the task some days BEFORE the Due Date, to complete his task. I know there is a tab "Reminder" where i can define the reminder, but i didn't understand how this works completely.


Does the reminder starts to remind the people after the start date or the due date?

How many days before the due date or after the start date start's the reminder?

What should i use, if the reminder should have no end date or count and should remind for ever, every day?


Additionally, is there something i can do, if the due date is exceeded? Fo example send a e-mail to person x other than the person, the task is assigned to?