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child workflows erroring or duplicating actions

Question asked by peterbehler on Oct 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by peterbehler

I need to find out from other installations because I can't figure if this is just me. However it is making me really hate Nintex Workflows 2013. I'm in the middle of migrating from 2010 and this is setting me back.


Child Workflow

Step 1: Send email to yourself  (subject: Starting Child WF)

Step 2: Update any column info with anything

Step 3: Wait for any column to equal text

End workflow


Parent Workflow (run when item is created)

Step 1: send email to yourself (subject: Starting Parent WF)

Step 2: Start child workflow and check the boxes to “wait until finished” and “Do not start if already started”

End Workflow


What happens to me:

Email for “Starting Parent WF”

Email for “Starting Child WF”

Email for “Starting Child WF”

Email for “Starting Child WF”

Email for “Starting Child WF”

The version history will now be up to 5 versions when it should have just 2

Workflow history messages will show four entries for “Waiting for Update”


Removing the Parent Workflow and making the child workflow run on creation will work fine.

Having the Parent and Child WFs and adding a “Wait 5 minutes” before the “Wait for Update” will also work fine but now we are waiting about 10-15 minutes to complete simple steps and my workflow has several child workflows.  This didn’t happen in WF2010, but is occurring on both my WF2013 sharepoint environments.  I want to confirm if this is a bug, known bug, or by design and I have to re-think my workflow strategy.


I've been updating my existing workflows but it's not constant and I'm needing to add several wait actions. Also it breaks my User Defined Actions. However, if I run my child workflow manually, it works better. I can't tell what to look for that is different or what to look for in my event receivers to make it run smoother.