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How can I hide a panel based on the selection in a drop down?

Question asked by jvolk85 on Oct 26, 2017
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I have a drop down choice field on a form. That field has 3 possible choices: Employee, Contractor, Temporary.


Here is my logic:

  • Panel A and Panel B are visible if EmployeeType == Contractor. So the Rule I created has Hide checked and has a formula like this: EmployeeType != 'Contractor'.
  • Panel A is visible if EmployeeType == Temporary. This is where I am running into my issue. I would assume that I could have a rule with a formula such as: EmployeeType != 'Contractor || EmployeeType != 'Temporary'. This does not work for me. I have tried the or() function but my selections are not boolean. I have also tried 2 rules breaking the formula apart and that does not work. 


Any suggestions to the issue in the second bullet?