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Storing SharePoint Group in Global Variables

Question asked by lpnolan on Oct 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by ademaster

SP 2013

Nintex 2013


I have a Condition that checks to see if the item is for Company A or Company B.  If Company A, the global variable CFO is set to Person; if Company B, CFO is set to Group.  Both names resolve when 'Check Names' is clicked.


When the workflow runs, it errors "User Not Found".  The comment displays the following:  Set 58;#eCARCFO_Test as CFO.


I am new to both SharePoint and Nintex.  While I am acutely aware that I can just create two different Flexi Tasks (one for Company A and one for Company B), it seems like I am replicating unnecessarily when the only difference is the person/group to whom the task will be assigned.


This must be a fairly simple resolution to someone more experienced than I.