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Form creating two of the same Issue ID

Question asked by chubacher on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by emha

I have a list called an "Issue Log" that users fill out a form to log new issues with. I have a field in the form called Issue ID that is connected to a column of the same name. Not sure how but I have ran into a problem where it is creating duplicates of the same Issue ID. This doesn't always happen and seems to be at random. The workflow is set up to Query the list and store the results in a variable called "nextNumber">then I set a variable "prefixedNextNumber equals value fn-padLeft(nextNumber4,0)" then I build a string I-{WorkflowVariable:prefixedNextNumber} and then set a field value of Issue ID equals WorkflowVariable:prefixedNextNumber, I do a math operation calling on Workflow Date nextNumber plus 1 and store the result in another variable called nextNumberPlus1, I update the item in Master Numbering List-Issues, set variable to prefixedNextNumber list look up current item Owners and lastly set the variable textAssignedTo list look up current item Owners before requesting approval