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Best Practice: Updating DDP COMPLEX Component & Component Groups

Question asked by on Oct 23, 2017

I have a DDP in Sandbox and Production. They contain 270+ components with specific logic for each component. Production is the most current due to small language tweaks. 


I need to make modifications to the Production DDP, but of course, don't want to do that actually in Production. 


I'd like to:
1. Deleted the DDP from Sandbox (I don't want re-fresh the Sandbox because I'll lose all of my test data of 200 records - multiple relationships, etc.)
2. Migrate the DDP from Production back to Sandbox
3. Edit about half the existing 270 components (adding a new line of criteria and adjusting the logic)
4. Test everything 
5. Migrate Sandbox back to Production to simply update the existing components.


IMPORTANT: I don't want to create a new/duplicates DDP or duplicate components. Is this approach logical/do-able AND most importantly fail-safe?!?


Thank you,