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Email notification for each flexi task assignee upon each completion

Question asked by tricias on Oct 25, 2017
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I've created a flexi task with only one outcome for an informal document review, the reason to use flexi-task is that I want multiple users to be emailed with the task at the same time, instead of being assigned to the next person only after the previous person has completed their task.


Is there a way that there can be an email notification sent each time someone completes the flexi task, which contains their comments? (saved to a Comments variable already).


Is there a more simple way to access the Task History, i.e. can I create some sort of shortcut, rather than have to go through "view workflow history": click on the running workflow: "click here to show detailed view".


I.e. every day users are going to be using this workflow to collect comments and I need to be able to communicate the comments as each user makes them, or have them easily accessible.