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Embedding Images into Form

Question asked by stevena_jhg on Oct 24, 2017



Have been looking high and low into a solution to embed captured attachments (pictures) into a form. We are running in a Office 365 environment. I am trying various solutions such as workflows to create HTML code to reference the /site/attachments folder in sharepoint and point that to a multiple line textbox and somehow reference that in a calculated value. It was possible for signatures to be displayed in forms using javascript but doesn't appear to work with pictures. And how can you make the image url a dynamic address as an option....


I don't have central administration access so can't add any plugins etc


Surely someone has looked at embedding attachments into a form, it seems to work out of the box in products such as ArcGIS but I just can't get a proper solution in nintex forms.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.