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Unable to pull data from User Profile service in Nintex Forms in SharePoint 2013  Online (O365)

Question asked by vbhanage on Oct 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by warwick

Add below function in Custom javascript of form settings in Nintex form.



NWF$(function ()


    function getUserProfileInfo() {

        var userprofiles= new SPAPI_UserProfile('<site URL




        var currentUser = userprofiles.getUserProfileByName('i:0#.f|membership|userid);

        if(currentUser.status == 200)


            return currentUser;




            return null;






Added Js libraries to site library of the SharePoint Online site since I don't have access to _layout folder and included custom js reference it in form settings of Nintex form. As below


https://<site URL>/Style Library/SPAPI/SPAPI_UserProfile.js


Is the user id passed in the getUserProfileByName correctly . Please let me know

var currentUser = userprofiles.getUserProfileByName('i:0#.f|membership|userid);


Tried passing "domain\\userid". But still it does not populate the data?


Any help will be appreciable.