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Question asked by mangal on Oct 23, 2017

hey,  i am new to nintex workflow, i am trying to create workflow which is basically requesting for data in custom list with various fields and providing information with respect to particular data.


Consider 3 groups namely A, B, C 


case 1: 'A' request data to 'B' and 'B' provide information

case 2: 'A' request data to 'B', 'B' does not have information so 'B' requesting data to 'C', 'C' provide information to 'B' and finally 'B' gives information to 'A'.

case 3: 'B' request data to 'C' and 'C' provide information 


how to develop his workflow!?

request data consist of various fields and attachment and have to be only with infopath forms.