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Read in text from list item and place it in form text box

Question asked by bsieloff on Oct 23, 2017
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I have a task form that I'm working on.  I have a list of standard comments that a user can have for a response in a list called canned responses.  I want to be able to load into the text box on the form the selected canned response and allow the user to just approve/deny with that canned response of if needed edit the response a bit to fit their needs.


Is there a way to load in a list item (multiple lines of text) into a form text field?


I can go with just a single response now, but I would like to make it so that the user would have a drop down of response titles; ie;

Approve standard response

Approve please review ticket

Approve dates are changed

Deny standard response

Deny Other reason


each of the titles above would have another column that has the actual multiple lines of text corresponding to the response title.  The form text field would then fill in with the corresponding response text and the user could accept it as is or edit it for their needs.


Thanks for your help