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Creating an item programatically won't start a Nintex Workflow

Question asked by tupac on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by tupac

When you create an item on a list programatically, it says Created By: System Account.

After a research, I know that is a known issue when the Inititar is System Account, the Workflow won't start. Although, I'm based on this threads, which are somewhat old (circa 2010):

Nintex Connect - workflow does not start when list item is created programmatically

Nintex Connect - Nintex Workflow Not Starting Automatically When a new item is created

Nintex Connect - Workflow doesn't start if items are created programmatically


So, I wanted to ask here, to be sure if there isn't a workaround about this issue now.


Any help would be appreciated.