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Personal Task Delegation For "Send notification" Action

Question asked by nchamid on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2017 by inimri

Hi All,


I have a situation here ! We have four approval levels on our Workflow, however, business wants all the approvers need to edit the form before approving and routing it to next level. Initially, I used 'Request Approval' action at each level, but I found hard in editing form fields (They want to edit complete form !).


As an alternative, I used 'Send notification' action and in the email body, provided the link to 'EditForm.aspx'. In the back-end, I managed their button actions with flags and routed the process to appropriate level. Everything was working smooth !!


Now the issue is, one of the approver is on Vacation, he used below way to delegate his tasks / notifications :



But the delegated user is not receiving any of his emails or notifications in his absence. Is this because of using 'Send Notification' instead of 'Request Approval' action ? Is there any way, to make this delegation work ?


Please let me know !