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How to create multi select checkbox items in a separate list?

Question asked by rn5110 on Oct 19, 2017
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I have 2 simple lists.


List A:

Title - Single line text

Skills - Multiple Choice


List B:

Title - Single line of text

Skill- Single line of text


I have been able to design a workflow to create multiple list items based on the List A's "Skills" column in List B.




List A:

Title                     Skills

Employee1          SharePoint;Nintex;SQL

Employee2          Nintex;SQL



List B:

Title                     Skills

Employee1          SharePoint

Employee1          Nintex

Employee1          SQL

Employee2          Nintex

Employee2          SQL


But the problem is whenever I tried to edit the item in List A and update it, it creates duplicates entries in List B.


I know I have to use the ID of List A to update List B's items but not sure where or how.


Can someone please help