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repeating section on task form randomly loses data

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by emha

I'm having an issue with a task form which was modified to look exactly like the list item form.

The list item form has a repeating section that includes a date, few number fields and text fields. I've noticed that the number and text fields show the associated data in the task form. But the date field has been inconsistent with keeping the date in the task form. sometimes it displays one of two dates on two rows of the repeating section, sometimes it doesn't display any. I've checked the version of the form, and the users do submit the dates as they are required fields. The only pattern I can see is that those dates gets lost when the task is assigned to the manager to approve. when they open the task form (that looks like the original form) it may have some missing dates - and they are read only, and they are able to approve. then when the form goes back to the final approval, those dates were lost and asks the user to re-enter, while they were already there in the first version, when the item was created.

Note that: The repeating section columns are not linked. Same for the number/text fields which do come across on the task form with no issues.


Any idea what's happening?!