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What is best practice for maintaining lookup lists?

Question asked by citizenpaul on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by citizenpaul

I am using a SharePoint list as the source for a lookup column in another list.

Is there any way to have any changes in this source list to only be reflected in new records that use the lookup column and leave the existing records unchanged?


My testing has shown the following:

1) Any changes to the source of the lookup list are reflected in all the existing records.

2) Any deletions from the source of the lookup list appear as blanks in any existing records.

3) Restoring a deletion from the source of the lookup list replaces the blanks with the correct information.

4)Additions to the source of the lookup list have no effect on existing records in the list.


Item 1 I can live with but I'd prefer that it didn't affect existing records.

Item 2 is definitely problematic. For example let's say that the source list contains a list of Sites and we have closed down our Brisbane site. Ideally we should be able to delete Brisbane from the source list so that no one can select a non-existent site but we need to know that the relevant existing records belong to Brisbane for historical purposes.

Prefixing Brisbane with Z or similar or adding something like "do not use" aren't wonderful solutions especially as some of our lists change very often and would end up with a lot of Z items.


Please let me know if you require any additional information.


Nintex Forms 2010 version


Nintex Workflows 2010 version