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Updating dates when a date is present

Question asked by rixdeanmcx on Oct 17, 2017
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Hello all, I have a form library that queries a list containing project information, in the request, one of the date fields is ProjectStatusDate which is read only, when the user wants to change this date they enter a date in UpdateProjectStatusDate field and submit. The problem is if the UpdateProjectStatusDate field is left blank the existing data is overwritten to nothing (none of the update fields are required). In SharePoint designer I used the NotEquals operator, so if there was not a date entered then it did not update It only updated when a different date was entered. How can I get this to work in Nintex? I tried storing the new date in a variable and then using Run If the variable IsNotEmpty. I checked the date formats in the primary list and secondary list and the variable to make sure they match. I just want to prevent the update of the existing date when the new date is blank.