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Loop through collection and evaluate each line

Question asked by marsmark on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by westerdaled

Hello, this one sounds easy but it honestly frustrating me a bit.



How do you loop through a collection and just keep moving through the collection to evaluate the parts. In my collection I have TOOLNAME and RECOMMENDATION. Ultimately I would have around 5 recommendations per tool and those would be put into text variables and used in the output document generation. 


Collection: colRecommendations

Fields: ToolName (Text), Recommendation (Text)


Example Collection Content:


What Id like to end up with:

skype_recommendation = "How to make a call - http://zzzzz <br/> Setting up your headset - http://xxxxx"

outlook_recommendation = "Drafting a message - http://wwww"



  1. A loop to move through the collection
  2. A switch with options for each tool I expect
  3. A build string action in each switch option that would keep the previous value and append the next as we move through the loop


Principal issue: Moving through the collection and pulling out the individual parts of the collection for the current item in the loop so I can evaluate the current tool and add the recommendation to the appropriate variable.