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Web Service to Resize an Image?

Question asked by rhia Champion on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2017 by rhia

Hey folks!


I'm struggling with an issue regarding photo size. We use DocGen, which won't allow us to use photos over 5MB (nor should it), and since contractors submit, it's a struggle to ensure they are always submitting the right sizes. 


I'd initially tried JavaScript to restrict to 5MB, but that only works on desktop. Also, it's kind of not as helpful as it could be.


I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion on a web service out there that could grab images that are over 5MB and resize them? 


I already have a workflow that checks file size and alerts the user if it's too large, but since a report is generated and goes out every night, and many clock-out as they've finished for the day, this isn't super useful. I could alert them immediately but they're not always at a computer where they COULD resize. 


So an automated approach would be best.




Thanks folks!