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A single text field will not save

Question asked by gregr on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by acoyle

I am new to this and think I found a problem.

I have one field out of +-137 rows that does not save. 

It happens in chrome and IE. As far as I know all other fields are working.



I have a field named DATAENDDATE within SharePoint 2013 OnPrem. Nintex forms does connect to it. Since my date could be something other than date I use jQuery date and set constraints to false. I have several field like this with no problems except this one. It is not the very last row. Somewhere in the middle.

I do not have any errors and I can input the date just fine in the ListView Edit field.


I did delete the field in the form and recreate it. I am not able to publish it until a scheduled time.


Is there anything I need to check for?


Thank you.