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Validate repeating section date to be 30 days from another date

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by cmikhaiel

I've always struggled working with dates. And here comes this one, if someone can help with this, that would be great.


I've got a repeating section on a form (not linked to a Multiple line of text /xml or anything). I need to place a validation rule on that date to error out if that date value is not within 30 days of the report date (which is by default is the current date). So first I need to identify the limit of the 30 days of the report date and then compare to see that any date that is within that repeating section is before those 30 days limit. Example:

Report date: October 1, 2017. repeating section date is Aug 1, 2017. The form should error because the 30 day lmit should be till only sep 1, 2017 (so mainly 30 days before the report date). 


We need it to validate before it is saved and provides a message to the user to say which date that is not falling within the 30 days limit. The repeating section can grow so big, so I need to be able to pinpoint to the user which date exactly is invalid.


So basically it has to be through regex, validation rule, expression.. anything but not a workflow, because the user is not allowed to save unless all dates are fixed.