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Sql query field doesn't keep the saved data in edit mode

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Oct 13, 2017
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I've a form that has a sql query that brings data on the form. Once the user selects from the drop down menu, it saves it correctly. The information (on that field) can be viewed in the view mode. but if try to edit the form, the value on the sql query field is not selected. Below are screenshots of the configuration, an example of the values selected, links to the list fields and then the same form in view mode and edit mode. It's causing data entry delay as everytime they edit the form, they will have to reselect the vendor over and over. any ideas why this is happening?


The field configuration: 



This shows the values for fields vendor ID and Vendor ID2, VendorID2 is the one that is supposed to be displayed on the form in view/edit mode. 



This is the form in View mode, which does show the VendorID2 field, with now issues.


Once the user tries to edit the form, the selected value from the drop down list is not there, and it is a required field, so they will have to reselect everytime. 



Do I need to mark the "execute in edit mode" == No? Isn't this field is to get the list of vendors from the database and make them available for selection but shouldn't not flush the existing data?