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Move (not copy) a list item (not a document) from one folder to another folder in the same list (not a Document library).

Question asked by slyfox on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by emha

While I saw many answers, none of them suggested a simple verifiable solution.


Here is a scenario.
There is a list. There is a Nintex form associated with the list (with one content type).
There are folders with different security settings. 
Based on information entered in the form (from the root location of the list ), a list item (with multiple attachments) should be moved to a child folder. 

There is a Nintex workflow on item created and item modified.


My suggested solution. 
Once item saved (created), move the item to a folder based on the entered data. 


Proposed implementations



1. Move Item does not exist in current action set

2. That leaves us with copying and then deleting an item
Copy To SharePoint does not work for SharePoint lists (only for libraries)
Copy Item does not support folders/subfolders
Create Item does not support folders/subfolders

3. This leaves us with Create Item in another site
This action lets enter the same list as a target and additionally provide a folder name
I can confirm this works.

It makes the workflow unnecessary complicated.
It needs to make sure that this move happens only one by detecting list item location (root/not root) or using a field (HasBeenMoved yes/no).
What about attachments?
What happens if file has not been copied successfully? Check if has been created?

Is there a simpler solution?
If no, why this is not a part of Nintex action s

Thank you